Already from his youth Spiro Flamburiari had the idea of creating the Corfu Heritage Foundation in order to preserve and protect the historical heritage of the Island of Corfu and promote British-Hellenic relations. Finally, the Foundation came into being on the 6th of April 2000 […]


As it is well known, George IV, as Prince Regent of the United Kingdom founded the Order of St Michael and St George in Corfu and in Malta on 28 April 1818, two hundred years ago. This forms part of Corfu’s history and belongs to its Heritage. The Corfu Heritage Foundation […]


The Corfu Heritage Foundation’s aim is the preservation of Corfu’s Heritage to which its constitution is dedicated. The Corfu Heritage Foundation, established in 2000, has been responsible for the introduction and erection of commemorative plaques in town. This scheme, which […]


The Corfu Heritage Foundation Gallery covers a selection of artworks by a number of famous local and international artists depicting Corfu and the Ionian Islands. Dr Megakles Rogakos has curated the contents of this gallery to offer a flavour of works related to the Ionian Islands, with […]