“Greek Island Odyssey” with Bettany Hughes – 2020″

This is the 6th and last episode of the “Greek Island Odyssey” series presented by Bettany Hughes and produced in Corfu for Channel 5.

Count Flamburiari welcomed Bettany Hughes in his villa “La Serenissima” and discussed in detail the subjects that the film should include. Amongst the subjects were the Corfu Old Town, the Corfu Reading Society, the Archaeological Museum, the Palace of St Michael and St George, the Byzantine Art Museum of Antivouniotissa, the Byzantine Church of Jason and Sosipatros, Mon Repos, the Old Fortress, the Ionian Academy and the Maitland Memorial. The discussion included a number of monuments referring to the British Protectorate (1814-1864) – the Sir Frederick Adam statue, the Sir Howard Douglas Obelisk, and the Earl of Guilford statue (founder of the Ionian Academy). It was pointed out that the architectural influence of the Old Town is Venetian. The Liston Arcades were constructed during the brief Napoleonic occupation of Corfu (1807-1814) and are a copy of Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Much was said about the contribution of Lord Adam – especially the irrigation system and roadworks. Finally mention was made of the traditions that the British left behind – namely Cricket and Ginger Beer!

Greek Odyssey #1
Arriving in Corfu.
Greek Odyssey #2
Corfu in the centre of the world.
Greek Odyssey #3
View of Old Corfu Town.
Greek Odyssey #3
Count Flamburiari welcoming Bettany.
Greek Odyssey #4
Bettany reaching the shore of Corfu.
Greek Odyssey #5
Tarzan interrupts the peaceful encounter!
Greek Odyssey #6
Tarzan as a movie star!
Greek Odyssey #7
Count Flamburiari offering a branch of peace.
Greek Odyssey #7
A lovely encounter.
Greek Odyssey #8
Bettany and the Count towards La Serenissima.
Greek Odyssey #9
Countess Flamburiari explaining the history of the keystone heads.
Greek Odyssey #9
Introductory conversation about the scenes to follow.
Greek Odyssey #13
Mon Repos, the birthplace of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.
Greek Odyssey #14
Mon Repos in its present state as a museum.
Greek Odyssey #14
Thomas Maitland Memorial at the Upper Esplanade, Old Corfu Town.
Greek Odyssey #15
End credits.

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