Private Initiative

Ever since the passing of its Chairman, Count Spiro Flamburiari (1930-2023), things at the Corfu Heritage Foundation sadly have come to a standstill. The succeeding authority, the Flamburiari Foundation, will take rather long to stand on its feet and operate smoothly. Meantime, however, the Corfu Heritage Foundation is kept alive with private initiative! Impressed by the Corfu Heritage Plaques sprawling all over the old town, the hotel Bella Venezia (, founded in 1988 over a 19th century residence, took it upon itself to create its own, in order to commemorate the fact that where the business operates used to be a high school for girls in the period 1944-1975.

It is a fact that the Corfu Old Town has the peculiarity of being dense and rich with history. Every alleyway holds secrets that the Corfu Heritage Foundation has helped to uncover and bring to light. An exclusive hyperlink of its website publishes a map that lists 53 places and 49 personalities of note in relation to the town ( Only 18 plaques have been created and mounted on town walls so far.

With the Corfu Heritage Foundation at a standstill, it is up to private initiative to carry on the project. Interested parties should get in touch with the foundation for advice and order their plaques with Mr Nikos Kaloudis (+30 6944 453 777,

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